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Yoga and Pilates are becoming increasingly popular; they promote mental wellness and counteract stress and inactivity. As we move through the exercises and poses, our lymphatic system is flushed of toxins, cortisol (the stress hormone) is released into the bloodstream, and we sweat it out. Our mats accumulate sweat, dirt and germs, and as a result, they need regular cleaning and sanitizing. This creates a problem for practitioners and studios.

Why Common Mat Washing Methods Don't Work!

Based on research, here is the problem with the common washing methods used by fitness studios and Yoga students:

  • Mat spritzers and a wipe with a cloth do not thoroughly clean the mat below the surface where viruses, bacteria and fungi thrive. This is only good for in-between cleanings.
  • Washing your Yoga mat by hand will not disinfect the mat leaving noticeable odours and harmful pathogens below the surface.
  • Using a washing machine cannot disinfect your mat without using toxic chemicals, which degrades your Yoga mat over time. Waiting several days for your mat to dry is not practical for active Yoga students.
  • Fitness mats placed in a warm or damp environment promote the growth of bacteria.