About Us

Our commitment to people and planet over profit is a driving force behind all the work we do. We fully believe in leaving this earth better than we found it and will take every step necessary to make Clean my Mat’s environmental footprint as small as possible. This is why Clean my Mat uses 100% organic, eco-friendly, healthy for you and the environment, cleaners in all our machines. We will always actively take steps to ensure we are on the forefront of any products, information, and technology that can help better our planet.  Clean my Mat plans to honor this commitment by investing generously in innovating ideas in renewable energy, ocean restoration, bio-diverse farming and more.

Clean my Mat wants to leave the next generation with more opportunities, that is why we will be creating a scholarship fund to help foster tomorrow’s eco-conscious inventors and scientists. We want to educate our young people in a way that leaves a positive lasting impact we believe that when we all work together beautiful things can happen.

Clean my Mat is dedicated to creating good paying sustainable employment. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a living wage and we will do our part in setting a standard of excellence in not only how we treat our employees but the wages we provide, working hours, vacation time, maternity and paternity leave, medical and dental benefits and overall employee moral. We believe in treating people how we would like to be treated, it’s a simple concept that can go so far. We know that employees that are happy in their job and feel valued work better and more productively, so ultimately, treating the people we work with well, is a no-brainer.

Clean my Mat wants to stimulate the local economy, this is why we believe so firmly in providing each studio that hosts our machine 20% of that machine’s revenue. Studio owners can then decide where and how they want or need to spend that money on an individual basis. Whether that be to hire a contractor to upgrade their premises or higher employees wages, any money they spend is money going out into their local economy.