Foster Naturals

our journey:

Are you on the search for effective, non-toxic, organic and natural products for your family and home that are actually what they claim to be? We get it. That’s exactly how Foster Naturals was born. What started out as a simple search for natural, organic, eco-friendly products that we could trust turned into an exciting journey that led us to develop our own line of products. Our journey provided us with a deeper level of awareness that our life as consumers needed to change. We became educated about the toxic ingredients in the products we were using daily, some even labeled natural or organic, and the damage they were doing to us and our planet.

the real deal:

We learned that these chemicals were being flushed into our streams and rivers daily, annihilating aquatic life at an alarming rate. We learned about the unsustainability of pesticide use in farming, GMO crops, and animal cruelty. We were also surprised to learn how the demand for plant-based and coconut-derived ingredients was decimating the rainforest and its diverse plant and animal species. Not only that, we discovered that many “green” products were retailing at an incredibly low price because they were being filled with cheap, toxic fillers, and their natural ingredients were sourced in places where workers and farmers were being paid unfair wages. We realized these green products were not really green at all. So, what could we do?

making an impact:

Our mission became clear – and we put it right there in our name: we want to “foster” a better way of living through the use of natural, sustainable, organic ingredients, and products that have been sourced through fair trade, biodynamic, permaculture, and organic farming practices. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We use only natural extracts, essences, and oils of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and plants that are sourced ethically and responsibly. No toxins, ammonia, GMOs, sulfates, parabens, phosphate, or other synthetic ingredients. We invite you to join this consumer awareness movement by choosing products that are sustainability sourced with integrity and respect for ourselves and our greatest resource, the earth.



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